What our community is saying about us

"We invited Nellies to our British Tea Party at work. Everyone loved Nellie's! The pulled pork and the shredded turkey sandwich sliders are delicious. Great coffee drinks too. They were the "Crowning Touch" on our Lovely Tea Party Day! Cheerio!"

           Diane Green-Hartley

"We hired Nellies to cater our 6-2016 wedding and it was FANTASTIC! Best pulled pork you'll ever have and Owners DAvid and Jeanette Sale made the entire event smooth, with PLENTY of food!!!!"

                  Rachel Scott

"I had the pulled pork on ciabatta bread. It was pretty damn awesome... I can't wait to find you again..."

                 Bruce Stevens

"An experience you can't get just anywhere!
I recommend this to everyone."

               Carl Mastberg

"I love this family! So much passion for what they do. To overcome what they have is just an inspiration. 

Now the BBQ - that's just amazing!!!"

              Dawn Hartwell

"Damn good sandwich without all the BBQ sauce to try to make it seem like bbq. U ever see that bus stop and do yourself a treat."

                Kevin Mccarthy   


Our Story

On June 24, 2004 the Sale family lost their oldest child Kristy. Kristy was mentally disabled and passed away suddenly due to natural causes in her sleep. She left behind her parents David and Jeannette and her 4 younger siblings Danielle, Ashley, Kayla and Joshua.


Tragically, on April 24, 2010 the Sale family was again left devastated when they lost yet another daughter, Danielle (nickname Nellie) to what the media in Portland Oregon described as the "worst bus accident in Trimet history" when a bus driver made an illegal left-hand turn striking 5 people in a crosswalk, killing Danielle.

Nellie's is a 1965 Bristol Lodekka Double Decker Bus that has been in the Sale family for 15 years. Originally from England the bus, along with 20 others, was imported to Valdez Alaska with the hopes of becoming an Alaskan tour bus.  After realizing the buses weren't fit for Alaskan roads and weather conditions, Randy Sale purchased the bus shortly afterwards in hopes of converting it into an RV. After overcoming much heartache the Sale family was ready to give back to their community and lend a helping hand to families who needed it. So, Randy's brother, David, purchased the bus, put it on a ferry from Alaska to Seattle Washington where it would spend the next three years being converted into Vancouver's Premier Food Truck and Party Bus. We replaced everything on the bus from the floor down and we remodeled everything from the floor up.

Shortly after purchasing the bus, the Sale family came up with their own foundation to help grieving families in Clark County, called Dani's Wish Foundation. It was developed for families who are facing the tragic death of their child due to an accident, homicide, suicide or sudden unexpected death.  We assist in providing them with a means to honor their deceased child with a proper burial. Our wish is to honor Danielle by ensuring others be treated in the same manor – with love, respect and compassion during this time of crisis, grief, and loss. 10% of Nellie's proceeds go to Dani's Wish Foundation.

Nellie's proudly serves Happy Cup Coffee roasted in Portland Oregon by "people with potential"; Oregonians with disabilities who want to lead productive lives. Great coffee paired with a great cause, so everyday we're celebrating Kristy and her legacy.

Kristy Nicole Cassidy

Danielle Nicole Sale

Nellie's getting a makeover





Chocolate Croissant 

Almond Croissant

Cherry Danish 

Pear Danish 

Ham & Cheese Croissant 

Our pastries are SO delicious paired with a fresh cup of joe that you'll be coming back for seconds! All of our pastries are baked everyday at Baron Patisserie in Vancouver Washington.

Our cookies are made by JRC's Cookie Palace in Vancouver. They're so good- you have to get two!

BBQ Specials

Our ciabatta bread is made at Di Taza Bakery in Camas Washington and is toasted to perfection with garlic butter, your choice of meat, sauce and coleslaw on the side.

Our slow cooked turkey is one of the juiciest meats you'll taste! Pulled Turkey served on a soft pretzel roll with your choice of sauce and coleslaw on the side.

After slow cooking for more than 12 hours, our pork is served on a soft pretzel roll with your choice of sauce and coleslaw on the side.

Full meal

(two sliders, chips and drink) 

Full meal

(two sliders, chips and drink) 

Full meal (sandwich, chips and drink)

Enjoy your sandwich to go! We fill a 20ounce cup with Pulled Pork or Pulled Turkey, sauce and Fritos. It's the best way to mix-and-match!

Double Decker Delight

Pulled Plate

Pulled Pork Slider

Big Beef Hot Dog Meal

We pile a plate with big Frito scoops, pulled turkey or pulled pork, your choice of sauce and coleslaw on the top.

Pulled Turkey Slider

Ciabatta Sandwich

Big beef hot dog, chips and drink

Drink Menu

Satisfying Smoothies

We use Torani Smoothie Mix blended to perfection. Made with real fruit and no artificial preservatives, no artificial colors and no artificial flavors.





Gratifying Green


Strawberry Banana

Nellie's is SO proud to serve Happy Cup Coffee! Happy  Cup is roasted in Portland Oregon by People with Potential; Oregonians with disabilities who want to lead productive lives.

12oz SMALL        16oz MEDIUM        20oz LARGE

Café Americano

Café Latte



Chocolate Mocha

Caramel Mocha

Oregon Chai

Hot Chocolate

White Hot Chocolate

Hot Green Tea

English Breakfast Tea


Nellie's Food Truck

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